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Precor™ Commercial 'Certified Pre-Owned' AMT™ 100i Experience Series
Most Popular Top of the Line Commercial Elliptical Trainer


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- Adapts to the user's movements
- Increases workout variety
- Self powered, no plug-in!
- "Certified" Pre-Owned - Why we’re #1.

Precor, the inventor of the elliptical machine, has taken their elliptical trainers to the next level with the AMT Series. This machine provides a custom user-defined elliptical or stair climbing motion based upon the "natural" stride movement of the user! Get an amazing total body workout like never before, all while receiving no stress or impact to your joints. Used in top Health Clubs and Gyms the world over! The AMT does more than customize a workout, it customizes a movement -- adapting to your motion -- which means you can completely change the motion and paths of your steps without so much as the push of the button. Biomechanics validated by Western Washington University Biomechanics Lab for users of all fitness levels and sizes, from the 5% size female to the 95% size male user. Excellent stability and freedom of movement for users of all sizes. • Step-on platform in the rear is polypropylene for durability. Platform enables the user to step onto the foot plates while identifying how far the foot pedals may extend from the back of the machine. • Footplates with toe cups enable user to optimize muscle involvement. • Two-step powder-coating process applies rust-resistant undercoat and cosmetic topcoat to steel frame. • Footplates are glass-reinforced polypropylene and self-draining. Foot space is 14.5 inches (37 cm) long. • Critical pivots are no-maintenance sealed bearing design. Other pivots incorporate self-lubricating bushings. • Side panels are easy to remove for servicing. Our "Certified Pre-owned" AMT100i has been truly " re-manufactured" to not only look nearly new, but to also operate and be as dependable as brand new. Factory trained and certified technicians have completely rebuilt each unit from the frame up. All worn parts are replaced and all exposed metal parts are repainted. Even every nut, bolt and screw is replaced with new hardware! So, if you are looking for a durable, quiet, fully commercial elliptical with the Precor pedigree, then our "Certified Pre-owned" AMT100i is tailor made for you, and at only a fraction of the original cost, don't wait, we have only 1 left!


Total Body Workout

Stride Length
variable stride length between 0 and 27.5 inches

Fat Burner • Heart Rate Control • Interval • Manual •

Certified Pre-owned

• Stride length graphic helps the user see their adjustable stride and determine the active muscle groups. The pendulum-like swing of the monitor moves with the right and left footplate. Note higher calorie burn with longer strides. • As the newest member of the Experience Series, AMT offers seamless integration with Cardio Theater options. • Bio-feedback center with SmartRate® provides dedicated feedback on heart rate and calories to end users. SmartRate® shows actual heart rate in relation to the target zone for weight loss and cardio training. • Numeric keypad makes data entry and Cardio Theater control easy. • Tap Control provides satisfying tactile and audible click so end users feel confident and safe operating the product. • Offers wide choice of metrics and user defined languages and units of measure for readouts. • QuickStart™ for user convenience lets user begin workout with the push of a single button. Electronic Readouts: % Complete, Average heart rate*, Average speed, Calories, Calories per hour, Calories per minute, CrossRamp incline, Goal, Heart rate*, Language, Maximum heart rate*, METS, Profile, Resistance levels, Segment time, SmartRate®*, Speed, Strides per minute, Target heart rate*, Time, Time elapsed, Time in heart rate zone*, Time remaining, Total strides, Units, Watts, Workout summary

Heart Rate Monitoring Technology
• Has handheld heart rate and is equipped for heart rate telemetry reading using a chest strap. • SmartRate® shows actual heart rate in relation to the target zone for weight loss and cardio training.

1-20 levels of smooth, whisper quiet, magnetic resistance(20-375 watts)

User Capacity
350 lbs. (159 kg)

Length 74 in (188 cm) Width 28 in (71 cm) Height without PVS 69 in (175 cm) Weight 445 lbs (202 kg) Footplate dimensions 14.5 x 7.5 in (37 x 19 cm)

Extra Features
Frame • Biomechanics validated by Western Washington University Biomechanics Lab for users of all fitness levels and sizes, from the 5% size female to the 95% size male user. Excellent stability and freedom of movement for users of all sizes. • Step-on platform in the rear is polypropylene for durability. Platform enables the user to step onto the foot plates while identifying how far the foot pedals may extend from the back of the machine. • Footplates with toe cups enable user to optimize muscle involvement. • Two-step powder-coating process applies rust-resistant undercoat and cosmetic topcoat to steel frame. • Footplates are glass-reinforced polypropylene and self-draining. Foot space is 14.5 inches (37 cm) long. • Critical pivots are no-maintenance sealed bearing design. Other pivots incorporate self-lubricating bushings. • Side panels are easy to remove for servicing.

Smooth, Whisper quiet, magnetic resistance

I took the plunge and bought this trainer for my home gym. I have tried numerous machines and found that most ellipticals have a few drawbacks. They are great for reducing impact, compared to a treadmill, but usually constrain movement to a fixed motion. Other than being able to vary the stride length a couple of inches on a few models, they all have exactly the same motion, over and over. It was difficult to find one that fit my gait, and at the same time be suitable for my wife who is only 5 feet tall. Actually impossible would be a better description. This machine is unique, and should be in its own class of truly variable elliptical training. The stride can be ANYTHING you make it; from stepping to full running gait to a pedaling stride. It even allows a backward pedal stride if you want to really mix up the routine. The machine doesn't control the gait. YOU do, and you can vary it any time without touching any electronic controls. You'll need to try it to really understand. We have over 20 machines in the home gym including a nice treadmill and stationary bike, but we just about need a sign up sheet for using the AMT in my house! We all like this machine. The price was steep, but this machine will get a lot of use, and the value we get from improved fitness is priceless. A cheaper machine that is more difficult to use was an option, but in the long run a more expensive machine that will actually get used is the better option. The quality of the design and fabrication of the machine is excellent, and it should last for many, many years with only my family using it. Very highly recommended! A follow up after one full year of use: Every member of my family uses this elliptical trainer, so it has seen about 15-20 hours/week of use. It has been 100% reliable, and other than occasional cleaning has needed no maintenance. We remain completely satisfied with this elliptical trainer, and it remains our best investment in cardio training. The variable stride/gait of this machine allows virtually any user to get the most from this machine, and will allow you to work around soreness if necessary. - By Jon Preston
This machine rocks! My gym has 4 of these machines in addition to tons of ellipticals, treadmills and bikes - and I use it exclusively. I have been a life-long runner/triathlete, but after my second ACL reconstruction I had to give up running. With the AMT I get as close to a running stride as I can hope for with no knee jarring impact. It creates a natural stride that allows me to go easy with a shorter stride or harder stride that can stretch out. Even though ellipticals are low/no impact I have never been that pleased with the motion - it always feels limiting. In addition to the run stride, I grab the two stationary handles in front (which also measure heart rate), lean forward a bit and get the same motion I do on my bike when I get out of the saddle for a hill climb. I will vary between the stride motion holding the moving handles and the climb motion holding the stationary handles and burn through almost as many calories and get my heart rate up like I used to running on a treadmill on an 8 setting. You can also do a good stair climbing motion but I don't normally work it that way. The machine also has nice resistant settings so I can crank it up when I'm climbing to simulate a serious hill and ease it down to a bit for the run stride. If you can afford to buy this you will not be disappointed - hands down this the best cardio machine I have ever used. If you belong to a gym, lobby them to add this to their equipment. And especially if you love to run but had to hang up your shoes due to bad knees, this may just give you back some of those endorphin highs you used to get on a nice 5 mile run. Nice job Precor. (and no - I am in no way affiliated with the company). - By David Zielinski
I have fallen in love with this machine! It is not kidding when it says allows freedom of movement. - By S. Bonewald
First let me say that this machine is hands down my favorite out of the elliptical, treadmill, bike, stair stepping cardio genre of gym equipment. When I first used it I never thought I'd say that, but now tell anyone who will listen: "Get on THAT one!" For the past 8 months I've made major changes to both my body shape and fitness level thanks in great part to using the Precor AMT100i. It's a sturdy, commercial grade machine that offers resistance up to level 20 (more than enough for most folks) and is adaptive, meaning your stride dictates what kind of 'machine' you'll be using. For example, if you take short, up and down strides - you're doing stairs. If you lengthen your stride a tad, it's like you're doing a fast walk or jog. The third option is to push further into your longest stride which is as though you are running, but without the jarring to your joints. At first using this machine felt very awkward. I would forget to push against the resistance and quickly go into a trot from a run. I hated it. Eventually (about the 3rd time using it) I got the idea and customized my own workout. There are preset options, but I prefer to manually adjust them. Despite having been an elliptical user, I found I needed to work up to the same amount of time I'd been doing on the elliptical using this AMT machine. It's simply a more effective cardio workout, and thus, a bit more challenging even at a low resistance. Today I did a 60 minute workout on it, working my way up to level 20 and back down again. When I started, I could do 10 minutes up to level 3. I couldn't jog a block without gasping, and now I run 3 miles on the road with both enough air and energy to burn. I've lost 17 pounds (using this 4 to 5 times a week for 20-60 minutes each time) and dropped inches off my legs (look much leaner), hips (down from size 12 pant to a size 6) and waist (down 4"). I feel great when I use it, and look forward to the experience. The option to hold on to the vertical handles in front of me or use the moving handles that match my stride are well placed. I like that I can check my heart rate by grasping the handles and the display is easy to read for all the functions. A water bottle holder and magazine ledge are nice too. As a person with fibromyalgia, I've needed to find a machine that doesn't pound my joints, but still gives me a good cardio workout. Ellipticals and recumbent bikes are great, but THIS IS SUPERIOR to them all! You won't be disappointed in this product. - By Andrea L. Polk
I purchased one of these things as my daughter was no longer able to run. After having tested many other elliptical machines, my daughter felt this was the best. I had her go to a gym that had one and asked her, before shelling out tons of dough on this, to make sure. I then tried it and was duly impressed. I purchased this thing and watched the delivery guys struggle to get it up to my second floor. This thing is heavy, but does have wheels on the front to allow you to move it to your location of choice. It is self-powered so no need to worry about outlets. The first thing you will note is this is like no other machine you have ever worked out on. It is simply amazing, adapts to your stride without the foot falling asleep so many other machines cause. With the exception of my treadmill, still my first machine of choice, I have never used a machine that gave such a good aerobic workout. While I am partial to a treadmill there is no doubt this gives as close a calorie burner as a treadmill without the pain and suffering of running. I now fight with my wife and daughter as to who gets it first. - By Howard Butler

"Ordered a PRECOR AMT100i for $6245 total including "White Glove Shipping" & "Lifetime Warranty" from Steve Barzilai. Steve was very helpful and professional. Shipping was estimated to take at least 21 days. Delivery company (Sunshine Shipping) was the best I've ever experienced; polite, no scratches, everything perfect. Delivery took about 60 days. Considering I saved $1200+ compared to the next best price, I felt it was a great deal and worth the wait."


I want to commend your salesperson, Sebastian Hitzig for professionally representing your company. He was extremely knowlegeable, courteous and personable. He was able to offer me a better price than the one a local fitness store was able to offer to me. Sebastian discussed the pros and cons of the three models I was looking at and was ultimately responsible for convincing me I would be better off purchasing a Center Drive elliptical trainer. Thank you again.

-Jim Trifone
My name is Abigail. I purchased an elliptical today and Matt Roth was great and very helpful! he was very professional and nice to work with. Thank You. I am very excited to get my elliptical and can't wait to workout conveniently in my own home! I will let you know how I like the elliptical when I get it too.

-Abigail Meis
When I called at first I was totally in the dark about buying or what to even to do with an elliptical. When I talked to Rico he was very and I mean very helpful in everything. It took me a few days to decide, I even went to a local equipment sale to try one out. A few calls back to Rico and I finally made the purchase of a full stride elliptical. I am very excited knowing that a sales rep took the time with me and answered all my what I thought were kind of dumb questions. But with out his help and well knowledge of this product, it would have never happened. So keep up the very good work. To the owner of this equipment store, you have a very good employee in Rico Ferrer and at all costs, never let him go. Again I personally thank you Mr. Rico Ferrer for all that you did. Will write back again soon after I receive my purchase, get it together and start the use of it. Again Thank You! One more thing before I go, I want to rate 100% given to you and all the sales for representing Super Gym`s Fitness Blowout.

-Scott M.
Dan was great. He straightforwardly told me about the exercise equipment and helped me to decide which one I really needed. I appreciate all the good advice and factual information. Dan made buying the right equipment easy and friendly. Probably the last time I'll say 'No Sweat' for a while! (Ha). But I look forward to using the elliptical trainer and I figure I got a great deal. Thank you!

-Jim Weaver
Thank you very much for helping me select the elliptical that best fit my wifes needs!

-William Payne
Brad just wanted to thank you on the quick service of my elliptical machine. It arrived today, March 6th and I love it. So far it seems great and it was just what I was looking for thanks for the great service. I will recommend Fitness blowout to everyone.

-D. Deerkoski
Dan, Thank you very much for all your help. I'm really excited about my elliptical. I was touched that you went to so much lengths to make sure that I was taken care of. I feel confident in my purchase with you and your company. Have a merry Christmas, God bless.

-Liz Cimino
I purchased this machine a little over a week ago. Within four days of purchase, it was assembled in my home and ready for use. The experience of choosing this machine was assisted by your knowledgeable sales and fitness guy Nick. He really helped me with what I needed and what would be appropriate to use as I have past sports injuries. He has also been helpful with how I should start on this machine, how long, how many days a week. He was and is very helpful. It's great to know I will have a source of knowledge when I need it. I also have to praise Kevin and Dusty for the great job in setting up the machine. They were efficient and pleasant. It's nice to feel comfortable when someone is setting up equipment in your home. I have compared prices for this and other machines and your company has beat them all. It's not just that, but the delivery and set-up and continued knowledge from your staff way surpasses any other company that was offering the machine. Thank you so much, I love my new elliptical. It kicks my bum! I have and will continue to highly recommend fitnessblowout.com to my friends and family. Thanks again for everything!

-Kerri Krewson
We wanted to let everyone know this was the best purchase we have made in years! From the lifetime guarantee to the low prices how could you go wrong??? We searched many stores in the New England area, no one could compare to Fitness Blow Out at all. Just the guarantee alone is priceless. John our sales associates was a huge help in finding our family the right Elliptical. We picked out a bigger and more expensive elliptical machine for our family. John explained to us it was the wrong machine for our body type. Not only did he save us money he also saved us time, space and possible injuries from using the wrong type of machinery. Shipping was great and faster than we expected. Over all a 10++++ in our house. Will shop again. Thank you FitnessBlowout.

-The Gaeta Family
On the phone I dealt with Matt Roth. He was very helpful on helping us with information with several different machines. He was very knowledgeable and gave us good feedback for each machine we asked about. Can't wait to get the new elliptical machine and start using it. Thank you

-Gayle Jenkins

  Deluxe Upgrade Package.
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  Precor Color TV - Experience Series.
Personal Viewing System (PVS) – Designed to give the user a more personal experience with total choice and control, a PVS provides the ultimate in individual visual entertainment incorporating digital technology and an energy saving "Auto Power Save" feature which shuts down the screen when not in use.
  Compare at $3,000.00

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  Body Solid Protective Rubber Mat 4’ x 6’ x ˝”.
Toughness That Will Floor You 48" x 72", 3/8" thick. These mats are heavy with a non-gloss finish. Both sides have an inverted textured. Designed and manufactured for workout intensity, comfort and value, these SuperMat Floor Protectors offer super heavy-duty solid rubber construction that absorbs the impact of free weights, home gyms, treadmills and kids rooms. Rubber flooring ensures natural, secure footing for excellent traction and superior impact protection. These pads will not tear, split, stretch, crack, creep, wrinkle or shrink even under the most brutal conditions. Apply them directly over your existing wood, concrete or carpeted floor. Installation is easy—no adhesive, no interlocking tabs—simply drop them in place. Best of all, they are worry free! No more floor damage, no more structural damage, and greatly reduced noise levels. Non-marking black color is non-glaring for a soft, satin appearance that will not fade. Enhance any room with shock absorbing rubber mats. They're strong, stable, silent and tough. Tough enough to bounce right back every time!
  Compare at $358.00

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  Certified Anti-Static Protective Floor Mat.
The lifetime extended warranty covers such items as drive motors and magnetic drive systems which requires that a “Fitness Blowout Certified Protective Floor Mat” be placed under the equipment. If this approved mat is not placed under the equipment, carpet fibers, moisture, dog and cat hair, debris, and dust can get sucked up into the motor housing and cause damage. If this approved "Certified" mat is not placed under the equipment at all times, it could potentially void the lifetime warranty. The additional benefits of the "Certified" protective floor mat are as follows: prevents static electricity, keeps dust and debris out of the motors and electronics, protects your floor, adds more shock absorption, dampens sound, extends the life your equipment, adds safety and adds aesthetics.
  Compare at $338.00

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  Cardio Caddy.
Keep your water bottle, remote control, cell phone etc. All within reach. Easy installation to virtually any machine makes this a popular addition.
  Compare at $129.98

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  CardioZone™ Triple FatBurner™ Wireless Heart Rate Monitor.
Burn three times more fat and achieve maximum cardio benefits on all cardio & strength equipment as well as all sports activities! High tech wristwatch receives a wireless signal from the comfortable chest strap! A must have!
  Compare at $439.98

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  Body Solid™ Strength Training Time Clock.
Crunch Time! Keep Track of Your Workouts.This time keeping marvel has accurate quartz movement that requires only AA batteries and is an exact replica of an Olympic plate.
  Compare at $298.00

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Precor EFX 546 Elliptical Trainers for Sale

The Precor EFX 546 is one of the most highly rated rear-drive used Precor ellipticals available right now. In fact, it's rated as the most popular option amongst all commercial elliptical trainers for sale, making it a choice you can trust.

There are 9 different pre-set courses and programs in the Precor EFX 546 elliptical, with a variety of electronic displays on an intuitive LED display. Stride length is 18 inches, with an adjustable range from 13 degrees to 40 degrees. It has all the basics your clients will crave, in an affordable and durable commercial grade package.

Of course, the concern with used gym equipment such as our used Precor ellipticals is whether you get the quality you deserve. Well, you're in the right place, because we offer a satisfaction guarantee with our certified pre-owned models, and a free lifetime extended warranty.

All of our used gym equipment and elliptical trainers for sale pass through dozens of tests and checks before they're ready to be put to use in your facility, and when you combine that with our guaranteed low pricing, there's no better place to buy than right here.

Call 800.348.4537 to learn more about our used gym equipment and our entire collection of elliptical trainers for sale, and to buy the Precor EFX 546 today.