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FitnessWarehouse.com is the #1 "Certified"
Pre-Owned Fitness Equipment Dealer in the Country!
Why Buy New when you can save up to 70% on "Certified Pre-Owned" and receive a longer 'Lifetime' warranty than a new unit?
The world's finest automobiles Mercedes Benz and Porsche, offer Certified Pre-Owned cars that have gone through rigorous factory service protocols to achieve "Certification" and a robust 100,000 mile warranty. In the same fashion, for 27 years, we have built a reputation on being the only "Certified" Pre-Owned Fitness Equipment Dealer in the nation! Our meticulous "Certification" process ensures that your fitness equipment will function precisely to manufacturers specifications for up to 70% less than the cost of a new unit. As a result, we provide every "Certified" Pre-Owned machine with our 'exclusive' Lifetime Extended Warranty absolutely FREE! This upgraded warranty is even longer than the warranty on a new machine that sells for up to three times the price!
To qualify for Pre-Owned "Certification," ALL Fitness Blowout equipment must meet stringent criteria and pass a rigorous inspection from our industry-leading "Certified" technicians. Some of our proprietary protocols include, but are not limited to the following:
State of the art proprietary baked on enamel finish is cooked onto the frame in our powder coating ovens to factory specifications, as needed.
To prep for an immaculate paint finish, equipment is disassembled and sandblasted down to the bare metal, as needed.
All components are restored to factory specifications using "Genuine" factory parts.
All electronics are inspected and tested to factory standards.
We give 100% attention to even the smallest details to exceed your expectations and ensure your complete satisfaction.
Rigorous testing of all moving parts & electronics insures quality, durability, and longevity to provide a lifetime of quality workouts.
Within minutes after your order is placed, our staff of nearly 30 employees is focused upon the singular goal of creating your fitness equipment masterpiece as our meticulous "Certification" process goes into full motion. Our team of talented, passionate "Certified" technicians collaborate in the creation of your "like new" fitness equipment that will culminate with our "Certification" stamp of approval and our exclusive "Lifetime" Warranty to provide you and your family with a lifetime of quality workouts.

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