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- The reviews and brands on this page have been meticulously analyzed and tested by the leading fitness experts in the world who have over 100 years combined experience and knowledge.

RATED #1. BEST BUY! A "Best Buy" Top Quality Manufacturer of high end, commercial quality treadmills and ellipticals used in Health Clubs! The "Best" commercial folding treadmill on the market! Spectacular features, quality and specs for long term reliability at nearly half the price of comparable equipment. FitnessWarehouses4Less.com is the "exclusive" North American Factory Direct distributor of this "VERY POPULAR" brand!
RATED #2. BEST BUY! Known best for inventing the first elliptical machine and the popular 546, 576i and AMT. The #1 brand of Elliptical Cross Trainers in health clubs are now available for up to 70% off new price with lifetime warranty fromFitnessWarehouses4Less.com, the #1 "Certified Pre-owned" dealer in the country. Precor makes home and commercial units but the home units are not recommended as they are lower quality and less stable than the highly rated commercial models.
Life Fitness
RATED #3. BEST BUY! Highly respected health club brand offers state of the art cardio equipment. Their commercial equipment is very high quality however their consumer products are costly and not nearly as impressive. Top rated treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals are available for up to 70% off new price with lifetime warranty from FitnessWarehouses4Less.com, the #1 "Certified Pre-owned" dealer in the country.
RATED #4. BEST BUY! StairMaster - One of the longest standing commercial cardio equipment manufacturers in the industry today. Inventors of the "original" stair climbing machines back in the 1980's, their products dominated the commercial gym industry landscape. Amazing new innovative features and design have helped the company stay a very relevant player in the high end market for decades, and still a great name in the industry representing true quality and long term durability in their products.
RATED #5. BEST BUY! High Quality strength equipment line in the residential, and more recently, commercial markets. Best known for their unique designs, quality and value. The commercial line offers the lowest prices on the market for quality equipment. One of the "MOST POPULAR" Home Gym/Strength Brands, FitnessWarehouses4Less.com is the #1 Body Solid dealer in the USA offering the Guaranteed Lowest Factory Direct Price!
RATED #6. BEST BUY! HealthCare International - is a leading supplier and distributor of innovative products for Health, Wellness, Fitness & Active Aging. They are highly regarded in the sports rehabilitation and physical therapy market for their high quality, and diverse overall product line that's distributed throughout the United States and around the world. They specialize in the top rated seated elliptical style recumbent bikes with upper body motion that provides a truly impact free total body workout and is more feature-packed than the NuStep at a fraction of the cost. HCI has consistently been regarded as one of the highest quality brand names in the industry, with a strong track record for reliability, and long term durability of their products.
RATED #7 FirstDegree Fitness - Simply known for having the most innovative water rowing machines and like products in the world today. First Degree Fitness was founded in 2000 with the primary goal of offering the commercial fitness industry a more optimized range of equipment that combined the best of low impact training methodologies with an elegant simplicity in design, and ease of use. Above all, they give users of all ages and body types the ability to enjoy a perfectly tailored workout, with whole body benefits, no joint impact and strong cardio and calorie burns.
Jacobs Ladder
RATED #8 Jacobs Ladder - Is an innovative cardio machine with ladder-type rungs on a non-motorized continuous treadmill. It's self-paced, so the faster you go, the faster it goes. Jacobs Ladder is preferred by pro football teams, the FBI, the Army, the Navy, West Point and numerous Division I universities to improve their strength and conditioning programs - See more at: http://www.jacobsladderexercise.com/jacobs-ladder-cardio-machine/#sthash.wdbYLGnB.dpuf
RATED #9 WOODWAY - There are WOODWAY Slat Belt Treadmills and then there are conventional treadmills. Slat Belt Treadmills by WOODWAY USA feature an original (internationally-patented) design that was developed in response to conventional treadmill designs. Woodway Engineers set out to develop a safe and comfortable running surface for humans that also reduced the friction and wear associated with the conventional conveyor belt style. To do this they started with a ball-bearing transportation system and then created an entirely new slat style running surface.
RATED #10. NuStep began creating recumbent bikes with upper body arms over twenty years ago. At one time, they were the only manufacturer of this type of bike. They are a smaller company and therefore, their prices are very, very high. In recent years, HealthCare International, HCI, has become the leader in this category in the physical therapy and medical industries by developing a more comfortable seat with improved lower lumbar support, smoother, quieter magnetic drive, upgraded electronics, and superior swivel seat mechanism for nearly half the price of NuStep. As a result, HCI has finally made the "Dual Action" bike affordable for home use.
RATED #11 Cybex is considered one of the premier commercial fitness equipment manufactures in the industry. They've developed some of the most innovative and award winning machines that are being utilized in countless health clubs and gyms worldwide!
Star Trac
RATED #12. Long known gym brand that has been the staple of cardio equipment used in countless gyms across the nation. Product is considered solidly constructed with aesthetically pleasing designs. Pricing is also considered "reasonable" for this level of commercial quality.
RATED #13. Once known as a commercial refrigerator maker, True evolved over the last two decades and has become a well regarded fitness equipment company. Overall equipment line is mainly cardio based, and well reviewed across the industry for their quality and design.
RATED #14. A strong consumer level brand with industry wide recognition for providing innovative products at very competitive pricing. Some products have had quality control issues in manufacturing and assembly, but overall the line has held well.
Concept 2
RATED #15. Concept 2 - This rowing company is still offering the same basic design that they offered 25 years ago. The primary feedback on this product is that you can’t really change resistance, other than increasing your rowing speed to very high repetitions which increases the air flow, but this pace is uncomfortable for most people. The unit uses a chain drive which is considered antiquated. The newest and highest rated rowing machines are magnetic resistance technology which is a much smoother and quieter design, just like most of the high-end equipment in health clubs such as ellipticals and bikes. The top rowers also have programs now that change resistance automatically and the top rated model on the market, the state-of-the-art Lifecore R-100 has a robust 600 lb. user weight capacity, offers a racing program where you can race against a computerized opponent, and even has wireless heart rate interactive training to burn up to three times more fat.
Kettler USA
RATED #16. Typical of German automobile manufacturing, this brand has cutting edge designs and quality. Regarded for developing above average quality equipment and competitive pricing.
RATED #17. This brand is primarily for beginners as it does not provide a stable, quiet ride like higher quality equipment found in gyms or hotels. Their parent company also makes a higher quality commercial brand called Free Motion which is used in the top health clubs around the world and many models come with a lifetime warranty which is a much better value and long-term investment!
RATED #18 Bowflex - An infomercial company that makes home gyms and a TreadClimber for beginners. The TreadClimber is difficult for many people to use and only goes a maximum of 4.5 mph so it is hard to get a quality workout and burn fat. The BowFlex gym is not biomechanically sound compared to actual cast iron weight plate gyms. Body Solid are better choices for home gyms. Bowflex has branched out into other categories but it will be very tough for them to compete against the high quality brands found in health clubs. BowFlex TreadClimbers and gyms are not used health clubs.
RATED #19 Schwinn - An outdoor bicycle manufacturer who also makes indoor fitness equipment has used their outdoor cycling technology and designs to become a leader in the indoor cycling category in health clubs and residential use.
RATED #20. Internet brand for home and light commercial use with limited features and specs. Larger, commercial equipment manufacturers are offering higher quality, more advanced technology, and better value for a similar price.
RATED #21 LiveStrong - A newcomer to the fitness industry. Made in Taiwan and/or China. Middle of the road. Recommendations: FreeMotion is a higher quality, more established brand plus most of their products are made right here in the good old USA.
RATED #22. One of the largest manufactures of mid-range, and upper end cardio equipment sold worldwide. Quality is considered above par in its class and extremely price competitive for the features and functions provided.
RATED #23 Weider - A lower quality brand sold in department stores. Equipment tends to be noisier and less sturdy than higher quality brands such as FreeMotion for cardio or Body Solid for strength.
RATED #24. A relative newcomer to the fitness industry. Customer service is not this company's strength.
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