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Andrew Veit - Macomb, MI
Lost over 100 lbs.

I turned 40 in 2006 and had problems knee and back pain. I was tired of being the fat guy. After going to a nutritionist and changing my diet, I decided to add cardiovascular and weight training to my routine. My Fitness Blowout equipment has dramatically improved the quality of my life and helped transform my body. I went from a 48 waist and 311 pounds down to 195 pounds and a 34 waist. I have been at my new weight for over a year and enjoy an active lifestyle. I am also sharing this healthy hobby with my two sons, who are 16 and 12. I love my fitness equipment and am so grateful to Fitness Blowout for improving the quality of my life!!

Roger Corbello - Lake Charles, LA
Lost over 120 lbs.

My weight ballooned all the way up to nearly 500 lbs. and my doctor said I was in big trouble if I didn't exercise. I knew that I needed a heavy duty unit, but could not afford to spend up to $7,000 which was the cost of treadmills with 500 lb. user weight capacities. I was so excited when I discovered FitnessBlowout.com and their high quality treadmills at unbelievably low prices! I've lost a whopping 120 pounds in the five and a half months since I've began using my CardioZone treadmill! The first time I got on it, I was barely able to walk for ten minutes, but I was pleasantly shocked at how quickly I was able to build endurance and I'm up to an effortless one hours. Prior to using the CardioZone treadmill, I took the maximum dose of TWO blood pressure medications, TWICE per day, and it was still out of control. I now have perfectly normal blood pressure with a minimal dose, and I should be free of the medication forever in a few short months. I also no longer suffer from horrible reflux since I've become more active and lost weight with the treadmill. I can't believe how much of a difference it has made in my life. I wouldn't trade it for any amount of money. It's made me whole again! THANK YOU, CardioZone!!!


Sean Dullaghan - Los Angeles, CA
Lost over 110 lbs.

During high school my weight increased to 305 lbs. I had very little energy and was not feeling good about myself or my future. I wanted to get my life back on track and began exercising using various cardio and strength equipment. I was amazed by how fat was literally melting from my body. I was so excited by my success that I didn't stop until I reached my current weight of 195 lbs. I am now in fantastic shape and my life has turned around completely for the better. I am a top tennis pro in Beverly Hills, California and love my new healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to stay healthy and fit for a better life . Thanks to FitnessBlowout.com and Jim Rosen's excellent advice, I am happy to say that exercising on top quality fitness equipment is an important part of my lifestyle and I look and feel incredible!


Glenn R. - Beverly Hills, CA
Lost over 50 lbs.

I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes in my late teen years. At first, I didn't realize how serious diabetes was and what effects it could have on my body and health. I progressively gained weight and chose not to exercise. As my weight approached 200 lbs., I wasn't feeling well and my doctor insisted I begin an exercise program. I ordered a CardioZone treadmill from FitnessBlowout.com and immediately became addicted to exercise. The more I used it, the better I felt and best of all, fat began melting from my body. I consistently walked an average of only twenty minutes a day while watching my favorite TV shows and within 6 months, I lost nearly 50 pounds of pure fat! My blood sugar levels neutralized and my doctor said my health was vastly improved. I am still able to eat my favorite foods including vanilla ice cream and warm pound cake virtually every night. I have kept my weight down to 145 pounds for several years now and owe all of my success to my CardioZone treadmill. Thank you so much FitnessBlowout.com for helping me improve the quality of my life!


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