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FreeMotion™ USA Treadmill - Incline & Decline Mountain Climber™ -3% to 40% Elevation Like New Demo Unit - 0 Available
The World's 1st Virtual Reality Workout!
Most Popular Commerical Quality High Incline Treadmill

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- 40% Incline
- #1 Fitness Company in America
- Heart Rate Monitoring
- New for 2016 - iFit Technology!! Read more....
- Burns 5 Time More Fat Than Walking on a Flat Surface!
Number 1 FreeMotion Dealer in the world

Freemotion, the #1 rated brand in Health Clubs, introduces this Incline "AND" Decline treadmill. Fully loaded with Innovative features & specs, the ONLY fitness equipment offering New IFit™ Card Program Technology. Built-in mulit-speed, Cool-Aire™ fan helps make your workouts even more enjoyable and comfortable. Get the Guaranteed Lowest Factory Direct Price with free shipping and upgraded lifetime warranty!


3.0 PHP DurX™ Commercial Pro Motor - With more power than an ordinary motor, the commercial-grade motor uses direct cooling, a self-cooling process that extends the motor's life and allows you to exercise for longer periods of time. To preserve electricity and reduce noise, the treadmill uses only 2.25 CHP at lower speeds and user weights.

Awards & Highlights
Consumer Reports ”Top Rated Brand”. a 40% incline and -3% decline, pre-set programs plus built-in iFit Live technology, and heart rate sensors on the handles.

NEW MOTOR FOR 2014 - Powerful commercial quality, 3.0 PHP Pro Motor. Strong enough to hold a person up to 350 lbs. walking/300 lbs. running backed by extended Lifetime Warranty coverage! Largest Motor/Lowest Price in its Class!! SmartMotor™ technology also saves money by using less electricity, generating minimal ”WhisperQuiet™” sound, and smoother ride by employing energy efficient Commercial Drive continuous 2.25 hp motor at slower speeds.

Maximum user weight capacity
Heavy duty maximum capacity 350 lbs. walking/300 lbs. running User weight capacity upgraded with Lifetime Frame & Motor Warranty!

Frame Type
Beefy Non-fold Steel frame.

SRS Surface Response Suspension™ FlexDeck™ Cushioning System reduces impact to the back, knees, hips and joints.

Tread Belt
20” x 55” Treadbelt: A vital component of the drive system, this roomy treadmill belt is designed to operate smoother and more quietly than the average treadmill belt.

Belt Size
Tread belt is 20” wide with open front end for maximum leg stride. (There is no hood to kick!) - A vital component of the drive system, this roomy treadmill belt is designed to operate smoother and more quietly than the average treadmill belt.

Heart Rate Monitoring Technology
Dual CardioGrip™ Heart Rate Monitor Fat Burning System helps you burn three times more fat in your target heart rate zone! Get the most out of every workout by monitoring your heart rate with these touch sensors that are built into the handlebars, ensuring you're always in the optimal training zone for your age, fitness level and goals.

Speed Range
0–10 MPH Speed Control -Instantly change the speed of your incline trainer between 0–10 MPH with the single touch of a button.

Power Incline
40% Incline to -3% downhill - Adjust the incline and decline from 40% Incline to -3% with the simple touch of a button. Burn up to five times more fat calories with the one-of-a-kind incline range and keep your workout low-impact and easy on your joints. 40% Incline to -3% downhill offers the newest revolution in treadmill technology by activating different muscle groups for faster results by walking at a decline, burn more calories than walking on a typical treadmill with incline up to ONLY 15% and stimulate more muscles for amazing results!

Grafixx™ Technology Digital Display. This high-resolution graphical display animates your screen, giving you more accurate, less machine-like readings. This display tracks your speed, time, distance, pulse and fat calories burned.

Welcome to iFit.com - The interactive fitness technology that combines your fitness equipment with all of the other activities in your life, for a fully-integrated fitness program. iFit Live helps you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals in a way that makes sense to you; responding to your needs, adjusting when necessary, and being available on all of your digital touch points, in an organic fitness world immersion. - iFit Module sold separately. A system that's there to work with you, whether it be to create a training program, provide support, or giving two-way access to your social network and trainer for encouragement, competition and specialization.

Emergency On/Off Key

Insta-Touch™ Direct Speed & Incline Selectors

Dual handrails with multiple hand positions built in Comfort Touch™ Handgrip Heart Rate for maximum fat burning and cardiovascular benefits AND Side hand rails for maximum safety.

Roller Diameter
2.5” Precision Rollers

Assembled Dimensions
59.60”-L X 36.50”-W X 73”-H

Built in Water Bottle Holder

Built in Reading Rack

Built in Storage Compartment

Additional Features
40%+ to -3% 1-Touch™ Decline, Compatible Music Port for iPod®, 4 inch multi-speed CoolAire™ Workout Fan

Power Decline
-3 to 0% Decline: It's the newest revolution to the treadmill workout: walking at a decline. Activate different muscles for faster results by walking at a decline, burn more calories than walking on a flat surface and stimulate more muscle for faster results.

There's a reason more than 50 million people workout on FreeMotion Fitness equipment. Quality. Major fitness clubs, Universities and hospitals and virtually every team in every major sport trust us with their fitness programs. The science behind FreeMotion training, combined with our design, engineering and quality assurance standards helps us deliver fitness technology that stands up to the most rigorous use. FreeMotion is the brand that delivers when your business, your professional career or your health is on the line.
“The top rated brand in health clubs around the world beats all other brands by offering more innovative features to help you get in better shape, the highest quality, and incredible values for quality fitness equipment that is built to last a lifetime! (Extended $500 value Lifetime Warranty is included FREE on every model at FitnessBlowout.com, the top Free Motion dealer in the US).”
“Most Free Motion Equipment is designed and built in the good ol’ USA which explains why the appearance, quality, performance, and overall value is so spectacular! Hands down, the “Best Buy” on the market enables the average consumer to own health club quality equipment for a fraction of the cost of other health club brands. Free Motion crushes the competition, no need to consider other small internet brands!”
“Free Motion is a massive conglomerate that is the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world with nearly $1 Billion in annual sales! Quite simply, they punish the competition as their many strengths are in the luxurious design, innovation, feature-packed console, programs, extended range of motion, WhisperQuiet performance, health club power, extra cushioning for maximum safety, as well as in the overall quality and value. We can’t think of a machine that ever scored so high in all areas, including the highest priced equipment for up to $7,000.”
Runner’s World named the FreeMotion as one of its “Top Products” in the magazine’s annual Fitness Equipment review.
Free Motion offers a Map-equipped exercise machine that can reenact any hike on earth
The net benefit of working out on a FreeMotion Fitness machine is a superior workout, according to a 2008 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Scientists found that compared with users of fixed-form equipment, men who work out on FreeMotion Fitness machines saw a 58 percent greater improvement in strength and a 196 percent greater improvement in balance, and they felt 30 percent less pain.
You can tromp over every running path in the world - without spending a dime on travel - with the new Mountain Climber Incline Trainer. The machine uses a Wi-Fi connection to provide an infinite number of routes from iFit.com; Google Maps gives you the satellite, terrain, and street-level views of each one. Which means when you punch in the location of your favorite trail on the 7-inch touch screen, you can see the passing scenery as you trot! The coolest feature? The treadmill automatically adjusts for elevation changes in your course - up to a 40 percent incline! - so you really charge up and down every hill. The machine also adjusts to a -6 percent decline.
"I have only had the trainer for about a mounth now however during this time I am very impressed. A little about myself: Just over a year ago I had a massive heart attack. I am trying to get some excercise without leaving home and not getting boarded out of my mind... Anyway I have been trying different things on the trainer with the live Google Earth Mapping. All I can say is WOW. This fearture is so nice. I can map an area where I've been or want to go and it finds it. It will show it in a map, street. or in earth mode a 3D fourm, Where it is avilable. This make me want to go to all different place through this feature. I catch myself losing track of time looking at all there is to see. And if I've been there it takes me back."
"This is the greatest machine. I can now walk every evening in the comfort of my own home, and get a really good workout! It shows me calories burned, miles walked, heart rate, allows me to choose the speed and incline I want to use, keeps me cool with the built in fan, and even has speakers to let me plug and play my iPod. Convenient storage for a cool drink for you as well. I highly recommend it!"
"I use this product for cardio improvement and weight loss with low impact on the joints. I had a total hip replacement and was looking for this type of durable incline machine. I love the ifit module option. It takes the thought out of programming. The display is great and the fan is handy. Just jump on, plug in the ifit, turn down the trainer sound and watch TV. I forget I am working out and am amazed of the amount of calories used in a short time."

Great piece of exercise equipment

Quality (5)
Features (4)
Value (4)

I have assembled and now used the wonderful equipment my husband purchased from you. Thank You for selling us such a great piece of exercise equipment! It is awesome!

-Shelly Crawford 2010-07-20

Quality (5)
Features (5)
Value (5)

WOW! I am so impressed with the service and the product I recently purchased from your company. Its a shame that there arent more companies like yours. Thank you so very much.

-Bonnie Romero 2010-07-20

Quality (5)
Features (5)
Value (5)

love the calorie goal workouts. really sturdy, and quiet, so happy with my purchase

- 2011-09-30
Killer Workout!!!!

Quality (5)
Features (5)
Value (5)

If you like a REAL challenge added to your treadmill workouts, get this model treadmill! The high incline capability works you like nothing I’ve ever used before. I’ve lost more weight using this machine at high inclines and simply walking, then I have using all other forms of equipment combined! The programs are challenging and really help to get you through your workouts with all the feedback information you get on the screen. To say the least, I am very pleased with my purchase of this machine.

- 2011-09-30
-3% to 40%...yah, I think so!!!

Quality (5)
Features (5)
Value (5)

Wow! What an amazing treadmill. It’s hard to find a machine that I can utilize to hit the incline levels I need to train as an athlete. This one does it all with the 40% incline capability as well as having the iFit technology I love!

- 2011-09-30

First off, thank you for your patience and perseverance. This is a great product. My husband and I haven't been off of it since our purchse. Very sturdy, very Pro quality. We love it. We will certainly look to this vendor for any other health equipment needs in the future. True customer relations...great warehouse. Professional, kind and understanding folks to do business with.

-Larry & Donna Roberts
Hello! I purchased a treadmill from your company about a year ago and have been extremely pleased with it. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

Once I had decided to purchase a treadmill I instinctivly drove to the nearest Sears. I gathered all the information for comparative shopping, however, felt like there was a better deal somewhere else. Of course, I thought the internet will connect me with more options. I entered "treadmill", and up popped hundreds of options. Super Gym's Fitness Blowout was second to none. A lifetime warranty was a "no brainer", I promtly called to ask some reassuring questions because of my reluctancy to purchase big ticket items on the internet. But Super Gym's has 22 years of service and offered free shipping, lifetime warranty, no sales tax, and 1/2 price lifetime belt warranty. I picked out a commercial grade treadmill and am completely satisfied and constantly tell my friends and family how happy I have been with this purchase. thanks Super Gym

-Paula Ameral
I just purchased a treadmill this evening from Fitness Blowout & I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your staff. Dan Kofman spoke with me about your treadmill options, he was very pleasant and really helpful. If today was any indication of quality and service, I will be a very loyal and outspoken advocate of your company and products. Thanks again Dan! I can\'t wait to get my new treadmill!

-Jessie Lucido
Dear Mr. Rosen, I am writing to commend one of your employees and on your obviously excellent recruiting and retention abilities. I am speaking specifically about your VP of Sales, Steve Barzilai, who I first encountered when I was an extremely unhappy customer. Steve had read a customer service email from me and called to and called me to follow-up. Steve listened to my story, realized that I had settled for a less than adequate treadmill, paid almost as much for it and he was troubled. Always ethical and professional, Steve walked me through the steps he felt would correct the situation, negotiated and resolved the financial disparity and assumed personal interest and responsibility for the resolution of my dissatisfaction. In touch with me every day and every step of the way, Steve arranged the return and refund of the unit I was using, and then scheduled the instantaneous delivery of the proper treadmill! I missed ONE workout. Now, I must admit, I questioned whether Steve was just placating me and whether I was being lulled into another sales scheme. I rationaized it by telling myself that \either way, Im getting the treadmill I really want\. But Steves commitment to repairing the damaged relationship and doing right by me saved the day and the deal. I am now an avid fan and a firm believer that FitnessBlowout.com is the best place for fitness equipment, not only because of the products but, more importantly, because of Steve Barzilai. If all of your staff is as dedicated and as Steve is, then you are every bit as great a company as you claim to be! I am available to your prospective customers for references and testimonials. I would be proud and happy to relate my story over and over again. Thank you for my treadmill and please thank Steve on my behalf.

-Betty Okeefe
My family has used the treadmill for two weeks now, and just wanted to commend you on the quality of the product, and the ease of purchasing from your company. My sales agent Noah Levitt was very professional throught the whole process, and the treadmill actually arrived faster than the promised delivery date. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone!

-Jack Chandler
Very happy with my purchase. Roy Crocker was great throughout the process. Very helpful and knowledgeable about treadmills. Would definitely recommend your site for anyone looking for a a quality treadmill. Best waranty around. Thanks, also recommend getting the extended warranty free replacement belts for life can't be beat.

-Craig Burkett
This is our second piece of equipment we have purchased from you. We purchased a Cardio Zone Treadmill three years ago and the quality and reliability of the equipment has brought us back to buy this piece for our 86 year old mother who is attempting to gain and maintain strength to maintain here physical independence. It was a true pleasure working with Mike on our recent purchase. Rregards

-Mark Remington & Family
Just wanted to say what a great treadmill I purchased. I’ve been running and walking briskly for a week on it and I like how comfortable it is to run on the durable belt. I have ran on a ProForm 395c from sears and it had so many problems. It hurt my ankles and the ProForm motor would not work after 30 minutes of running. I learned my lesson. It is worth it as an investment to keep your health. Thank you FitnessBlowout.com.

10 years ago I bought the 8800 treadmill from Jim Rosen, lost 200 lbs, used it everyday. I wanted to upgrade and poking around online I saw Jim Rosen after all these years was still selling treadmills. I'm a pastor in Whittier and I sent about 10 of our people to buy treadmills from Jim and they are all happy and losing weight. Thank you for your excellent service. You are very informative, great doing business with you again.

-Fred Jimenez

  Deluxe Upgrade Package.
We are the world's only FACTORY DIRECT treadmill dealer offering this Incredible Upgrade!
$1500 value!! Ask Our Certified Fitness Experts for details on this incredible offer!
  Valued at $1500
Now Only $499

  Belt replacements are vital to the longevity and performance of your treadmill. When your belt is worn down it puts excess stress on the main drive motor, decreases the performance and will ultimately shorten the lifespan of the treadmill. It is very strongly encouraged that treadmill belts are replaced as part of the common routine maintenance. Not only that, by changing your belt you can reduce excess wear and tear on your machine's other components hence, offering you a lot less head aches in the long run.   Valued at $399
Now Only $299

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  Certified Anti-Static Protective Floor Mat.
The lifetime extended warranty covers such items as drive motors and magnetic drive systems which requires that a “Fitness Blowout Certified Protective Floor Mat” be placed under the equipment. If this approved mat is not placed under the equipment, carpet fibers, moisture, dog and cat hair, debris, and dust can get sucked up into the motor housing and cause damage. If this approved "Certified" mat is not placed under the equipment at all times, it could potentially void the lifetime warranty. The additional benefits of the "Certified" protective floor mat are as follows: prevents static electricity, keeps dust and debris out of the motors and electronics, protects your floor, adds more shock absorption, dampens sound, extends the life your equipment, adds safety and adds aesthetics.
  Compare at $338.00

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  Body Solid Protective Rubber Mat 4’ x 6’ x ˝”.
Toughness That Will Floor You 48" x 72", 3/8" thick. These mats are heavy with a non-gloss finish. Both sides have an inverted textured. Designed and manufactured for workout intensity, comfort and value, these SuperMat Floor Protectors offer super heavy-duty solid rubber construction that absorbs the impact of free weights, home gyms, treadmills and kids rooms. Rubber flooring ensures natural, secure footing for excellent traction and superior impact protection. These pads will not tear, split, stretch, crack, creep, wrinkle or shrink even under the most brutal conditions. Apply them directly over your existing wood, concrete or carpeted floor. Installation is easy—no adhesive, no interlocking tabs—simply drop them in place. Best of all, they are worry free! No more floor damage, no more structural damage, and greatly reduced noise levels. Non-marking black color is non-glaring for a soft, satin appearance that will not fade. Enhance any room with shock absorbing rubber mats. They're strong, stable, silent and tough. Tough enough to bounce right back every time!
  Compare at $358.00

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  Laptop Surf Shelf.
Get more enjoyment out of your workouts, along with catching up on all your emails, latest on-line movies, tv shows, sports, entertainment, and world news, all from a Laptop computer now able to be placed right in front of you, through the use of the AMAZING SurfShelf tray. The SurfShelf is truly a little miracle for the exercising individual!
  Compare at $258.00

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  Certified Anti-Static Protective Floor Mat.
The lifetime extended warranty covers such items as drive motors and magnetic drive systems which requires that a “Fitness Blowout Certified Protective Floor Mat” be placed under the equipment. If this approved mat is not placed under the equipment, carpet fibers, moisture, dog and cat hair, debris, and dust can get sucked up into the motor housing and cause damage. If this approved "Certified" mat is not placed under the equipment at all times, it could potentially void the lifetime warranty. The additional benefits of the "Certified" protective floor mat are as follows: prevents static electricity, keeps dust and debris out of the motors and electronics, protects your floor, adds more shock absorption, dampens sound, extends the life your equipment, adds safety and adds aesthetics.
  Compare at $338.00

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  Cardio Caddy.
Keep your water bottle, remote control, cell phone etc. All within reach. Easy installation to virtually any machine makes this a popular addition.
  Compare at $129.98

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  CardioZone™ Triple FatBurner™ Wireless Heart Rate Monitor.
Burn three times more fat and achieve maximum cardio benefits on all cardio & strength equipment as well as all sports activities! High tech wristwatch receives a wireless signal from the comfortable chest strap! A must have!
  Compare at $439.98

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  Body Solid™ Strength Training Time Clock.
Crunch Time! Keep Track of Your Workouts.This time keeping marvel has accurate quartz movement that requires only AA batteries and is an exact replica of an Olympic plate.
  Compare at $298.00

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