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FreeMotion™ USA Dual Cable Cross EXT Commercial Quality 'Functional Trainer' Like New Demo Unit - 0 Available
Most Popular Commerical Multi Purpose Cable Home Gym

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- Patented vertical & horizontal
- Over 100 Free Motion Movements
- Heavy Duty Commercial Quality!
Number 1 FreeMotion Dealer in the world

The #1 brand in health clubs revolutionizes strength training with this AMAZING "Free Motion" dual cable system. The FreeMotion EXT Dual Cable Cross offers user’s versatility and durability from the company that innovated selectorized functional strength training equipment. Spectacular Patented vertical and horizontal cable columns provide over 100+ customized total body, full range of motion exercises that replaces the tedious use of free weights and other less adjustable apparatus'. This counter-balance system makes adjustments simple and precise. For many years now, Industry Experts, and Top Personal Trainers have regarded this machine as the ONLY strength training device you'll ever need!


The World's most advanced ”Patented” Dual Cable Cross, this machine is constructed from 7 and 11 guage steel tubing and is electrostatically powder-coated.


Commercial quality aircraft quality cable with 2,000 lb. tensile strength. Extensive cable travel allows for full exercise range of motion. Single arm: 89 inches (218 cm). Two arms: 89 inches (218 cm).

Commercial grade sealed ball bearing pulley design ensures fluid cable travel and provides nearly unlimited range of motion.

Steel commercial tubing.

Guide Rods
Solid chrome guide rods provide silky smooth movement of weight plates.

Precision bearing movements provide silky smooth, whisper quiet, health club quality fluidity.

Work Out Level
Ideal for men, women and kids from beginner to advanced body builders.

Frame and Construction
Solid steel construction, beefy tubing for commercial quality, long lasting workouts.

Number Of Exercises
Over 100 Total Body Exercises simulates safely and conveniently working out with free weights without having to lug around dumbbells which is awkward and potentially dangerous.

Length: 60” (152 cm) Width: 113” (287 cm) Height: 84” (213 cm) Weight: 925lbs (420 kgs)

“Free Motion is a massive conglomerate that is the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world with nearly $1 Billion in annual sales! Quite simply, they punish the competition as their many strengths are in the luxurious design, innovation, feature-packed console, programs, extended range of motion, WhisperQuiet performance, health club power, extra cushioning for maximum safety, as well as in the overall quality and value. We can’t think of a machine that ever scored so high in all areas, including the highest priced equipment for up to $7,000.”
“Most Free Motion Equipment is designed and built in the good ol’ USA which explains why the appearance, quality, performance, and overall value is so spectacular! Hands down, the “Best Buy” on the market enables the average consumer to own health club quality equipment for a fraction of the cost of other health club brands. Free Motion crushes the competition, no need to consider other small internet brands!”
“The top rated brand in health clubs around the world beats all other brands by offering more innovative features to help you get in better shape, the highest quality, and incredible values for quality fitness equipment that is built to last a lifetime! (Extended $500 value Lifetime Warranty is included FREE on every model at FitnessBlowout.com, the top Free Motion dealer in the US).”
There's a reason more than 50 million people workout on FreeMotion Fitness equipment. Quality. Major fitness clubs, Universities and hospitals and virtually every team in every major sport trust us with their fitness programs. The science behind FreeMotion training, combined with our design, engineering and quality assurance standards helps us deliver fitness technology that stands up to the most rigorous use. FreeMotion is the brand that delivers when your business, your professional career or your health is on the line.
The FreeMotion Cable Cross allows you to perform hundreds of exercises in one spot. Plus, because there’s no seat to support you and the cables wobble, this machine makes your muscles work extra hard to stabilize your body—and that helps you tone up even faster. In one study, people who performed exercises on a cable machine increased their strength 58 percent more than those who did the same moves on fixed devices (like the leg press).


Quality (5)
Features (5)
Value (5)

it's fantastic

-Ray 2009-10-20

Quality (5)
Features (5)
Value (5)

the best, most functional, and most use piece of equipment in my training studio.

- 2011-09-30
power machine

Quality (5)
Features (5)
Value (5)

I’ve used this machine in every gym in across the country and now I have one in my home…now I don’t miss the chance to strengthen my core which adds yardage to my drives on the golf course.

- 2011-09-30
Most Functional Machine on the market!!

Quality (5)
Features (5)
Value (5)

I was recommended to get this model from a personal trainer friend of mine because of the virtually unlimited amount of balance, core training and general strength training movements you can do. My 60 day trial period has come and gone and I could not be more pleased with the quality, and truly amazing functionality the model possesses. I thank my trainer for his recommendation and Fitness Blowout for their superb service and support through the process of purchasing. They had the best price in the country without question! I would happily recommend this product and Fitness Blowout.com to friends and family.

- 2011-09-30
Fitness Blowout has done it again!!!

Quality (5)
Features (5)
Value (5)

This CableCross has full mobility and with its dual weight stack and accessories, I have a full home gym right at my finger tips!

- 2011-09-30

Thanks for you assistance in providing my wife and I with our home gym. We look forward to getting started on our way to physical fitness and know your exercise equipment is a great oppurtunity to get started immediately. Again, thank you and we will highly recommend you and your company to our family and friends.

-Kirk Z.
Hi Jim. I recently purchased a home gym from your company. It is a fantastic machine and it has altered my physique over the past 5 mos. and will continue to get me to where I need to be. It has helped me build confidence, improved my overall conditioning and I have a better than average build for a 54 yr old. I constantly recommend your store to friends and would do business with your company in the future. best regards

-Mike Candebat
Hi Jim, If any customers express concern over assembling one of the gyms, tell them two grandmothers and a 15 year old did it on a Sunday afternoon. Thank you so much !!

I've loved my home gym and found Super Gym's prices the best around and quality unmatched! Would definitely buy from Jim again and recommend you do the same!

-Connie Butera

  Deluxe Upgrade Package
We are the world's only FACTORY DIRECT home gym dealer offering this Incredible Upgrade!
$1500 value!! Ask Our Certified Fitness Experts for details on this incredible offer!
  Valued at $1500
Now Only $499

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  Body Solid Protective Rubber Mat 4’ x 6’ x ˝”.
Toughness That Will Floor You 48" x 72", 3/8" thick. These mats are heavy with a non-gloss finish. Both sides have an inverted textured. Designed and manufactured for workout intensity, comfort and value, these SuperMat Floor Protectors offer super heavy-duty solid rubber construction that absorbs the impact of free weights, home gyms, treadmills and kids rooms. Rubber flooring ensures natural, secure footing for excellent traction and superior impact protection. These pads will not tear, split, stretch, crack, creep, wrinkle or shrink even under the most brutal conditions. Apply them directly over your existing wood, concrete or carpeted floor. Installation is easy—no adhesive, no interlocking tabs—simply drop them in place. Best of all, they are worry free! No more floor damage, no more structural damage, and greatly reduced noise levels. Non-marking black color is non-glaring for a soft, satin appearance that will not fade. Enhance any room with shock absorbing rubber mats. They're strong, stable, silent and tough. Tough enough to bounce right back every time!
  Compare at $358.00

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  Body Solid™ G Series Inner and Outer Thigh Attachment.
Trim and tone those trouble spots with the inner and outer thigh attachment. Do both abductor and adductor exercises from one seated position. 5 range-of-motion adjustments accommodate users of all sizes. A lumbar supported adjustable back pad, swiveling knee pads, and no cable change design provide the quality, comfort, and ease of use necessary to achieve great results. Only for use with the Body-Solid G Series Home Gyms G2B, G3S, G4I, G5S, G6B, G7.1, G9S, G10B.
  Compare at $1,860.00

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  Deluxe Upgrade Package - Gyms.
$300 Value!! Upgrades gyms to add 3 dozen more exercises! Chrome multi-purpose EZ curl bar for ergonomically accurate and injury-free tricep/bicep curls/pulldowns/rows/presses/curls, 5 lb. rubber add-on plate for smaller and safer incremental weight increases, and 2 swivelling dumbbell handles replicates a dumbbell set from 5-200 lbs. by enabling user to perform all dumbbell movements from the weight stack including cross-overs, as well as individual bicep/tricep/row/upright/press/abdominal crunch movements.
  Compare at $299.98

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  SuperTrainer™ 50lb Weight Stack Upgrade.
Takes the standard weight stack to a new level of performance. Fast and simple installation make this a must-have for your plate load system. Includes five 10 lb. plates. For use with selectorized home gyms only, including G2B, G3S, G4I, G5S, G6B, G8I, G10B, GDCC200, GDCC250
  Compare at $170.00

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  SuperTrainer™ Leg Press Calf Extension, Inner/Outer Thigh & ButtBlaster™ Station.
2:1 ratio. Advanced design eliminates ankle stress and provides consistent resistance throughout full range of motion. Pivoting press plate rotates both forward and downward to target thighs, hamstrings and glutes. Extra large, extra wide, non-slip rubber covered press plate will handle the big guys. It's built for safety, comfort and exercise variation. Side stability handles lock you in place. Precision engineered pillow block bearings for smooth movement and tighter tolerances.
  Compare at $998.00

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  SuperTrainer™ Gym Cloth Weight Stack Shroud for the SuperTrainer™ 2-in-1 Gym.
The SuperTrainer™ Gym Weight Shroud protects you and any bystanders from getting pinched by the weight plates that are moving up and down. It also gives the gym a more aesthetically pleasing look.
  Compare at $118.00

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  SuperTrainer™ Gym Metal Weight Stack Shroud for the SuperTrainer™ 2-in-1 Gym.
The SuperTrainer™ Gym Stack Weight Shroud protects you and any bystanders from getting pinched by the weight plates that are moving up and down. It also gives the gym a more aesthetically pleasing look.
  Compare at $118.00

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  Certified Anti-Static Protective Floor Mat.
The lifetime extended warranty covers such items as drive motors and magnetic drive systems which requires that a “Fitness Blowout Certified Protective Floor Mat” be placed under the equipment. If this approved mat is not placed under the equipment, carpet fibers, moisture, dog and cat hair, debris, and dust can get sucked up into the motor housing and cause damage. If this approved "Certified" mat is not placed under the equipment at all times, it could potentially void the lifetime warranty. The additional benefits of the "Certified" protective floor mat are as follows: prevents static electricity, keeps dust and debris out of the motors and electronics, protects your floor, adds more shock absorption, dampens sound, extends the life your equipment, adds safety and adds aesthetics.
  Compare at $338.00

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  Cardio Caddy.
Keep your water bottle, remote control, cell phone etc. All within reach. Easy installation to virtually any machine makes this a popular addition.
  Compare at $129.98

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  CardioZone™ Triple FatBurner™ Wireless Heart Rate Monitor.
Burn three times more fat and achieve maximum cardio benefits on all cardio & strength equipment as well as all sports activities! High tech wristwatch receives a wireless signal from the comfortable chest strap! A must have!
  Compare at $439.98

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  Body Solid™ Strength Training Time Clock.
Crunch Time! Keep Track of Your Workouts.This time keeping marvel has accurate quartz movement that requires only AA batteries and is an exact replica of an Olympic plate.
  Compare at $298.00

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