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Follow the instructions below to setup your iFit USB Module

Congratulations for selecting the revolutionanry iFit® USB Module. Please follow the instructions below to setup your iFit USB Module. If you have any problems, call 1-866-608-1798.


  1. Register for an iFit Live account at
    1. Click the "Register Now" link, located in the top-right corner of
    2. You must have your activation code to register with iFit Live. (a card was included in the usb module package)
    3. You will be asked to enter information required to create your personal iFit account.
    4. This data will allow iFit to create a custom series of workouts to help you meet your fitness goals.
  2. Plug your iFit USB Module into your exercise equipment
    1. Turn off your exercise equipment
    2. Plug the iFit USB Module into the iFit port on your fitness equipment
    3. Plug the included usb drive into the usb port on the iFit USB Module.
    4. Turn on your exercise equipment.
    5. Turn off your exercise equipment, and unplug the usb drive and return to your computer
  3. Download the iFit USB Application
    1. Click the "Install Now" button at the upper right corner of this page to begin downloading the application
    2. Follow the steps to install the application
  4. Run the application
    1. Plug the iFit USB drive into your computer
    2. Log into the application when prompted using your username and password NOTE:This will be the only time you need to log in to the application with this USB stick as long as you dont format the drive.
    3. Wait for the application to download the firmware for your machine (the application may prompt you to upgrade your console software, follow the steps given by the application and run the application again)
    4. Set the time, after the first time the application has run you will need to click the "set time" button and immediately transfer the USB stick from your computer to your exersize equipment.
  5. Enjoy your workouts
    1. Once the application has successfully completed there will be 5 workouts on the USB stick for each user under your account.
    2. To get new workouts simply plug the usb stick back into the computer and run the iFitUSB application again. This will give you 5 new workouts to use.
  6. From the iFit Team Thank You for purchasing the iFit USB Module we hope you enjoy it!