Congratulations on purchasing your iFit® Live enabled equipment!

Please note: The following information only pertains to owners of equipment with a 7 inch color touchscreen.  If you own any other iFit Live equipment, a wifi module is required.  Please read the wifi configuration instructions, or check the Frequently Asked Questions for additional support.

You can now begin working out on your Incline Trainer today!  The workouts saved on your Incline Trainer console and any workouts you create on your console are ready to go!


The iFit Live website has been updated to provide added features. Please update the software on your exercise equipment before you use an iFit Live workout. To update your software, please follow the directions below.
  1. Register for an iFit Live account at
    • Click the "Register Now" link, located in the top-right corner of
    • You must have your activation code to register with iFit Live. (a paper with the code on it was included with your equipment)
    • You will be asked to enter information required to create your personal iFit account.
    • This data will allow iFit to create a custom series of workouts to help you meet your fitness goals.

  2. iFit Color Touch Screen - Main Menu
  3. Turn on your exercise equipment (please see "HOW TO TURN ON THE POWER" in your user's manual). It may take several minutes for the console computer to boot up and appear.
  4. When the main menu appears, press the button (marked as an "i" within a small outlined box) in the lower right corner of the screen. This will take you to the iFit Settings screen.
  5. iFit Color Touch Screen - Settings
  6. Press the Wireless Network button. You can choose from two general network types:
    • Configuration without encryption (open)
    • Configuration with encryption (secured)
  7. Open Network: Select the desired wireless network SSID and press the Connect button. When the Disconnect button appears, your exercise equipment is connected to the wireless network. Press the Done button.
  8. Secured Network (encrypted): If your wireless network is encrypted and requires a password, press the Advanced button. Press the Use Encryption button and then press the Use Encryption check box to check it. Select the encryption type. Press the down arrow, and enter the password. To use numbers or other characters, press the .?123 button or the #+- button. To return to the letter keyboard, press the ABC button. To capitalize a character, press the button with an upwardfacing arrow. To clear the last character, press the button with a backward-facing arrow and an X. When you are finished, press the Submit button. To return to the main menu, press the Cancel button. If necessary, press the Cancel button to exit the Advanced Settings screen.

    Note: If you turn on encryption on a nonencrypted network, the console will not function correctly.

    If you are having problems connecting, un-encrypt your network, update your console software, and then encrypt your network.
  9. iFit Color Touch Screen - Maintenance Screen iFit Color Touch Screen - Firmware Update
  10. Press the Settings button in the lower right corner of the screen to enter the settings mode. Note: The Settings button has a picture of gears on it.
  11. Press the Update Firmware button. Numbers will appear in the grey box on your screen. When the update is complete, the words PLEASE CYCLE POWER TO INSTALL UPDATES will appear in the grey box.
  12. Switch the reset/off circuit breaker to the off position. Wait 10 seconds and then switch the circuit breaker to the reset/ON position. Your console will reboot.
  13. Now that the update is complete, you will need to reconnect to your network. Follow the instructions in step 4 to reconnect to your network. You will also need to log into your account on From the main screen press the "i" button then choose the button marked "iFit LIVE login". Use the username and password you picked during registration. Your exercise equipment is now logged into iFit Live and ready for use! If you need to register you can do that with this link.
  14. If you have questions or for the latest information, please read through the rest of the frequently asked question pages, found here on the support section.