It seems Angels led me to the right place at the right time, when I decided to purchase a treadmill and was fortunate enough to get Nick Sattler on the phone. This buying decision, of course, was made to improve my health (I'm 64, and know with winter coming ... I'd be 'roosting' instead of outside walking!).

Actually, I'm POOR financially, and the first thing I noticed about Nick was that he grabbed onto that, without me saying the words (he just knew I was quite hesitant to spend the money)!
This young man is an OUTSTANDING sales representative, and a model employee for your company!  In this day and age, this is rare.  There are 'nightmare' employees out there, in every field, just waiting for a horrified consumer to get stuck with them. I wish Nick Sattler were on the other end of every product and service I buy.

I thank you, and thank him, again - for his diligence to his job, the kindness in his words, and the sincere caring that every 'customer' is longing to hear! He's GOT it! A true 'gem' in your company, I sincerely wish him continued success, and more with SuperGym's Fitness

Helen B. Casteel
Golden, CO

The prices cannot be beat, nor the warranty (exercise equipment is one of the few items that Consumer Reports states that you should consider getting the warranty)! And the staff is fantastic.

April, 2009, I retired from the Cleveland Police Department, after suffering too many injuries on and off duty -- my nickname was Ms. Knievel (though, with the amount of Titanium, in every major part of my body, including my neck -- I think I have him beat!).

Well, after the euphoria rubbed off from being retired, the weight gain has slowly crept up.  Having limited physical capabilities, I decided to invest in an elliptical machine.  We had one in the police gym and it was the only piece of equipment that didn't give my body a beating, especially my knees (one which has been completely rebuilt).

After doing some research, including Consumer Reports, I decided to invest in the Diamondback 1260EF.  Researching the web, I came across  I spoke with Brad Keyes and he made the purchase a complete pleasure.  Answered every question and was very knowledgeable.  Due
to my remodel from hell, he assured me that the shipment could be delayed until I was ready for it -- a relief, since I have no room and everything is covered in dust!

Fitness Blowout offers the BEST PRICE, AND A LIFETIME WARRANTY to boot -- can't beat it!  I would recommend this company to all my friends. Top Notch!

Joni  Patrici
Cleveland, OH

A very pleasant experience. Jonathan Beran was very helpful, quick to answer all my questions in a professional enthusiastic manner, and his product knowledge was over the top. I'm glad I chose Fitness Blowout.

Jose D Ochoa
Thanks for the help getting me hooked up with the G5S. We've had it up and been working out on it for a few weeks now. I LOVE IT! My arms are complaining a bit though. I was a little skeptical ordering online and over the phone, but it has been a great experience. Let me know when you guys get your virtual trainer website up and going. I can’t wait to check it out.

Thanks again man!

Dave Haughey
While I researched treadmills online, I compared prices from and That is when I came across I called them and I spoke with Jared Zinda in sales about various treadmills that his company sells. Jared was very knowledgeable and thorough with his explanations on the different treadmill models. I am very satisfied with the customer service that I have received…and the Freemotion USA Treadmill.

Absolutely BEST-PRICE online plus FREE shipping. I spent between 7-10 hours combing sites, nothing came close to Blow-Out's price point. In addition I had a fabulous online shopping experience, due to very fast phone service. Also my sales rep (Nico) was extremely well informed, and answered all my questions and concerns in a rapid and very courteous manner. I was qualified for my purchase within a few minutes, I highly recommend Fitness Blowout for all fitness equipment purchases.

Linda Hooper
Old Tappan, NJ
I wanted to take the time to compliment Martin on his impecable customer service. I am very happy with your company. Great sales, in fact worth telling others about! We reveived our 5.1 eliptical, we began assembly and on step two of the assembly we hit a problem. I spoke with Martin and he made it clear in a wonderful tone that he couln't do what I asked but then offered to give us something he did have as an attempt to show good faith and amazing customer service. Martin was attentive, patient, empathetic and a problem solver! He is management material. I still am very upset with FreeMotion but quite thrilled with you.
Anne Marie Rosazza/ Arielle Good
Well, I see a number of reviews on this organization and my personal experience has been five stars. Usually a company will over-estimate the delivery time so that it gets to the customer earlier than the estimated delivery date. So, after 10 days, I called and spoke with Martin. Martin did an outstanding job. I will receive my merchandise a lot sooner than was quoted from the original sales person (17 business days). It is a real pleasure to work with an organization that has excellent prices and great customer service skills after the sale has been consummated.
I am very excited to get my treadmill. Will was very helpful with answering all my questions and helping me pick out the treadmill that would be best for me. I recieved awesome customer service. Thanks. I will be sure to refer friends and I will personally buy from him again.

Stacey Peterson
I have finally received my exercise bike (FreeMotion USA NT RB9700) and it was a breeze to assemble. Nico was right there whenever I called to inquire about my shipment. Nico and I spoke at length when I was trying to decide which would be the best machine for my needs and what I wanted to spend, and I am pleased to say the bike he chose was a perfect match for what I was looking for. Kudos to you Nico, you surely know your business dude.

Pete Smerkar
Bradford, RI
These are some great people. Wish I could be treated this same way every time I purchased a big ticket item. Very customer sensitive and progressive company. Can't wait to receive my treadmill and get started improving my and my wife's health!

Dharminder Gill
Kent, WA
Excellent customer service, excellent product line, and excellent quality all add up to an unrivaled shopping experience. I own a gym I buy literally every piece of equipment from Their "sales" reps are personal trainers who care more about helping people get fit than they do about making sales. They know a lot about working out and training and give great recommendations on equipment that works with any budget.